We can offer a high level of service to both the trade and retail at a very competitive price without compromising on quality or standards.


At Trans-Fix we can perform a full recondition service to any Automatic Transmission be it an early classic type transmission to the latest 6 and 7 speed transmissions


Some of our services at a glance:


  • All types of transmission repairs
    • Replacement of faulty components
    • Faulty speed sensors
    • Shift and pressure solenoids
    • Wiring harnesses and ECU's


  • Maintenance and inspections
    • Servicing
    • Oil change
    • Computer-aided diagnostics

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Our many satisfied customers really appreciate the special service that we provide here at Trans-Fix. Our comprehensive service package means that you can come to us with any problems with your automatic transmission and be confident of receiving an excellent service every time. 

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We can offer you a special price for a complete inspection and

fluid and filter change with full electronic systems health check.

Auxillary transmission cooler kits

All Automatic transmissions have a cooler which keeps the transmission at a stable temp but in some cases such as towing the transmission needs a little more cooling efficiency.Please call for a quote on the fitment of a cooler kit.

SPECIAL OFFER on 52-06 plate Range Rover diesel.

Please call our team for quote/info on your 5 speed automatic transmission.

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